It’s Veganuary! So, should you try to go Vegan this month?

January, and ringing in the new year, is all about fresh starts and trying to better yourself, with many people setting New Year’s Resolutions to keep them on track. While for some it’s all about hitting the gym more or spending more time with family and friends, lots of people seem to be starting a lifestyle overhaul – opting to go vegan for a month.

Labelled as ‘Veganuary’ people are attempting to strip back the use of all animal-products in their diet as well as in their wardrobe.

So if you’re looking to give Veganuary a go, then we have the perfect starter pack for your animal-friendly wardrobe.

Designed with the same brilliant absorbent technology, our leak-proof leggings and swimwear uses microfibre, bamboo and cotton to wick moisture away from the body, leaving you feeling dry and fresh even after a whole day of period or bladder leaks!

You can shop our glorious vegan range here:

Active Swimwear Bikini Set in light-moderate absorbency. Shop here.

Modibodi Activewear ¾ Legging in light-moderate absorbency. Shop here.

One Piece Leak-Proof Swimwear in light-moderate absorbency. Shop here

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