Our story goes with a different flow

It all began when we started to ask questions. Ones like: With all the advances in technology, why hasn’t underwear evolved? And: Why have women’s personal hygiene products stayed the same for centuries? This thinking led us to our next question:

What if there was a beautiful and functional line of underwear that helped us feel safe, sassy and sustainable, all day?

Modibodi began in late 2013, but it took almost two years of picking, prodding, prototyping, washing, wearing, testing and fine-tuning to develop. We consulted with up to 100 textile engineers and fibre companies (both in the USA and Australia). We conducted close to 1,000 scientific tests. And we worked with leading Australian lingerie designers and manufacturers to create our patented finished product.

Modibodi™ uses high quality, tech-savvy fabrics (like Bamboo, Merino Perform Wool and Microfibre) and the latest in breathable, antimicrobial fibres with our patented Modifier Technology™ – a super slim (only 3mm) stain resistant lining for modern periods and leaks, and Modifier Air Technology™ – a moisture-wicking, odour-fighting lining for getting sweaty. We have recently added our brand new patent-pending Modifier Swim Technology™ to the Modibodi stable of innovation, found exclusively in our water-repellent, leak-proof swimwear range.

We’re on a mission to keep questioning and inventing and expanding our range so that every bodi can get involved. All ages, all sexes, all shapes, and sizes. Because we believe that making a positive change in the world should be as easy as changing your undies and swimwear!

In just a few short years, we’ve empowered thousands of women globally to embrace their bodies, open their minds and along the way we have received rave reviews.