My First Period – World Menstrual Hygiene Day 2018

Did you know May 28th is World Menstrual Hygiene Day? To celebrate, what better way than to speak to a few of our favourite UK based bloggers on their first-period memories. It’s a nice reminder that we’re all in this together, and whether you got your first period at an amusement park or a school retreat, we are all strong, empowered women that deserve to celebrate our bodies.

Shelley Morecroft from @shelleyannem

I grew up in a household where period talk and the female body has always been openly discussed. My mum is a nurse for a gynaecologist, so this was always the norm in my house… yet it still didn’t change my mindset! I got my period quite young, just a week before my 13th birthday. My friends and I had never talked about it before, so I felt embarrassed about the whole thing. Despite all the menstruation chat with mum, I managed to hide it from everyone for nearly 6 months, until I had an ‘accident’. I’ll never forget the look on mum’s face, she was so upset I didn’t confide in her! I think back now, and at nearly 25 I know so much better. It’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, and I’m very open about it these days… we all should be!

Beth McCallum from @bethsbookshelf
I got my first period when I was on a retreat with new friends. When I went to the bathroom, I had absolutely no idea what was going on. I thought I was sick so I took a few days to rest before it stopped. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone what was going on and I didn’t have a phone to call my mum. A girl there had got her period for the first time earlier that year and made up a code phrase that meant she’d started it which was ‘I got it.’ I thought everyone knew what that meant so when the bleeding started again the next week when I was back home and it was more obvious and it clicked that it was a period, I pulled my mum into my room and whispered, ‘I got it,’ fully expecting her to understand exactly what I meant.

She stood there, confused and said, ‘Got WHAT??’ Looking back, I could have been talking about anything! I then explained I got my period and being the oldest daughter, I think my mum was a little freaked. She wasn’t excited like mums in books I’d read. She very seriously told me what to do, how to do it and when to do it. But, not very well because that week, I had to change my undies multiple times per day! She even told me I could go swimming at a pool party without a tampon. I quickly figured out for myself that was NOT a good idea…

Jasmine Jonas from @jcjlifestyle

Think Carrie – but without the crazy Mother! I started my period very early (oh the joys) and definitely way earlier than my parents probably expected and so they hadn’t even got to the point of discussing the bird and the bees with me, let alone periods. And so when the day arrived, I genuinely thought I was dying – blood, screaming, tears. The whole drama. But I remember the distinct thought of “YES, I won’t have to go to school tomorrow!!!”


Emily Marven from @emilyybecca

I think I was 13 when I first got my period, and had the ‘too cool to tell your mum’ attitude. I thought I could handle it. And luckily had no sneaky spills or stains. So snuck some tampons from my mum’s bathroom (which were way too big for me!) then took myself away to take this ‘step into womanhood’. Turns out I passed out due to the pain of using a tampon too big for me so woke up on the floor with my mum leaning over me… Lesson learnt!


Saffron Baker from @pixiebowuk

I can’t remember exactly how old I was, but I was fairly young and just gotten home from school. I went to the bathroom, and BAM there it was. Unlike most teenage girls, I was SO excited – shouted for my mum, called my dad and went round to my grandma’s place to tell the extended family. My family was so funny, they saw my excitement and laughed when I suggested I had to have a period party! I even wrote up invites, titled “Saffron is now a woman. Please join us in celebrating her bleeding every month for the rest of her life.” While the novelty wore off pretty quickly, I’ll never forget how great my parents were when it came to my first period

Jessica Cantoni from @jess_cantoni

So I’m sure my first period memory involves me being at a theme park with my friend’s family, trying not to walk too awkwardly around the park without allowing the flood-gates to open! I 100% knew what was going on but the reality of what had actually happened didn’t hit me until I got home. I was now considered no longer a ‘girl’ but a ‘woman’.. scary times for a 12 year-old!



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