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The UK's #1 leak-proof underwear brand
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  • Is your period acting strange? Enter Mercury in Retrograde to the stage….

    Why am I feeling like this? Is it him or me? Why am I so emotional? Why am I PMSING so bad? WHAT IS HAPPENING?!? Mercury in retrograde enter stage left.  We chatted to Menstrual Medicine Maven and Breath Worker, Lexy Maturana, to get some more info. Lexy has a background in Nutritional Medicin[...]
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  • PUMA and Modibodi® commissioned a global survey to investigate why 1 in 2 girls are leaving sport

    Sport is all about numbers. And when it comes to the celebration of sport, the goals kicked, and games won are the numbers that take centre stage. But there’s series of numbers that are less well-known: the number of girls leaving sport on a daily basis due to shame and fear of leaks.   For the[...]
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  • Helping menstruating girls in Laos stay in school. Period.  

    Periods are a natural and normal part of daily life, but for many communities around the world, they are also a source of stress, shame and stigma.    For girls, this can translate into discrimination, difficulty accessing menstrual health  products and schools not providing rubbish bins to di[...]
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  • What's in my period blood?

    Half of the world’s population menstruates – but for most of us, the lack of general knowledge about the magic that makes it happen is astounding. Menstruation has been taboo in certain societies since ancient times, but modern-day periods are finally starting to be recognised for their intricacies and life-giving love. Phew! 
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  • It's in our blood

    As Australia's original - and favourite - period underwear, it's our business to be better. That means better quality for our products, better performance for you, and a better impact on our planet. After all, you deserve it.  
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  • Having a period can be pretty crappy – literally

    While it’s perfectly normal, having a period can be pretty crappy – literally. So today we’re exploring the ‘period poo’ phenomenon to find out why you poo more on your period, why it smells worse, why you get diarrhoea and whether there’s anything you can do about it.    Rest assured, while y[...]
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  • Q&A with Feiya Hu on premenstrual syndrome and empowering minority groups

    Feiya Hu is a medical student, public speaker, pole dancer, and an advocate for anti-racism, mental health and menstrual health in the UK. In every aspect of her life she aims to speak up to empower minority groups and is not afraid to have conversations around uncomfortable but necessary topi[...]
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  • Modibodi partners with Canopy to nurture nature

    The best time to stop logging our precious ancient forests was 150 years ago. The second best time is now.    Every year, over 3.2 billion trees in an area the size of Germany are destroyed to create paper packaging and materials like rayon. Our planet’s beautiful forests have been turned into [...]
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  • How do our Recycled Active 7/8 Leggings actually work?

    So you’re thinking of trying our new Recycled 7/8 Active Leggings? Awesome. Here’s a quick lowdown on how they work, before you hit ‘Add to cart’.  
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  • How can your cycle work for your workout?

    Did you know your cycle can affect the way you move your body? This month, we chatted to Womens Health Nurse Georgia Avery to get to the bottom of periods and exercise, so you can go with your flow. Read the blog now.  
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