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Free shipping on all UK orders
The UK's #1 leak-proof underwear brand
60 Day Risk-Free Trial for new customers

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  • Go behind the scenes of our RED photoshoot

    There are few things we love more at #REDbyModibodi than showing you just how well you can live your best life while being on your period. Because we believe, that as long as you have a pair of REDs keeping you covered, there’s nothing you can’t do! To see said best life being lived, go behind[...]
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  • How to feel confident on your period

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  • RED period underwear is now GST FREE!

    Earlier in the year there was a wonderful rally to make period products GST free, with many media companies, individuals and policy makers pushing to remove the #TamponTax that classified period products as a luxury good – and therefore charged women more for products that they would definitel[...]
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  • And we’re off! RED by Modibodi’s first official launch party

    We are so excited to announce that RED is officially up and running! As the baby sister of Modibodi, RED has been designed, developed and produced to become the best friend of young girls starting their period, and wanting to manage their menstruation in the most eco-friendly, easy-going and n[...]
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  • 5 times celebrities got really real about their periods

    When it comes to talking about your monthly visit from Mother Nature, most clam up, pipe down and shut up. Periods have a tendency to become a hush-hush topic of conversation within families, amongst friends and most definitely in the media—which is why we want to celebrate the few A-Listers w[...]
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  • This is why your vajayjay is seeing RED

    LET’S CONNECT As an online business, all customer enquiries are via email only or the contact form below. All enquiries will be responded to within 24-48hrs. CONTACT US General Email red@modibodi.com / red@modibodi.co.uk EMAIL US FREQUENTLY ASKED QUE[...]
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  • A gazillion pads, a trillion tampons, or one pair of RED? You do the math

    When it comes to periods, we often find ourselves being so damn preoccupied with our own often-immensely-ill-timed bleeding to focus on anything other than just getting through the week without having a screaming match with our mum or worrying about bleeding through our jeans. Again. That’s wh[...]
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