The Modibodi innovation story – it started with a (life-changing) leak

The Modibodi innovation story – it started with a (life-changing) leak

Living in Seattle in 2011 after the birth of her second child, Modibodi founder and keen runner Kristy Chong started experiencing a leaky bladder, which was interfering with her ability to live her usually active life. 

Not a fan of bulky, disposable incontinence pads, or the catastrophic environmental impact of single-use hygiene products - she turned to science to find a solution.  

“Given that I had never worked in the textiles industry before, I needed to learn what it took to start a clothing label as well as learning about fibre technology and feminine hygiene. I did copious amounts of homework right from the start to ensure I had an understanding of the industry I was trying to enter into,” explained Kristy.  

After more than 18 months working with nearly 100 expert chemical textile engineers and scientists; and conducting almost 1000 scientific tests to perfecting her original absorbent patented Modifier Technology™ lining, the first pair of Modibodi reusable leak-proof undies was created. And yes, Kristy's still innovating…and still running. And because of her, so are thousands of other women. 

Today, Modibodi’s absorbent technology – which works for both periods and light to moderate incontinence - is found not just in underwear, but in activewearmaternity wearModibodi RED for tweens and teens and Modibodi Men (to manage sweat, chafing, drips and dribbles). 

How does Modibodi’s innovative technology work? 

The absorbent lining in our underwear has three layers:      

  • The top layer is made from Merino wool (polybrush in vegan styles) to wick moisture, fight odour and bacteria to keep the wearer dry and fresh.  
  • The middle layer is made from ultra-absorbent microfibre to soak up fluid and lock it away.  
  • The bottom layer is a waterproof barrier for secure protection against leaks.  

Kristy has also created a Moisture Wicking version for everyday comfort and to take care of sweat, as well as a patent-pending Modifier Swim Technology in the brand’s swimwear range so people with periods or light incontinence can continue to hit the pool or the beach without fear of leaks.  

In 2020, Modibodi launched its game-changing patent-pending Maxi-24hrs Technology, which absorbs the equivalent of up to 10 tampons’ worth of fluid, helping heavy bleeders, front and back sleepers, long-haul travellers and shift workers manage periods and frequent leaks in a more comfortable, sustainable way.  

“Looking ahead, we’ll continue to develop innovative new products to provide protective, hi-tech, sustainable apparel which offers a comfortable, convenient, planet-friendly solution to any kind of leaks – whether it’s menstruation, incontinence, perspiration, discharge or breast milk leaks.  

While style and comfort are integral to the Modibodi brand, creating clever, high-performing products which actually work, and improve people’s lives, is the key driver behind every new Modibodi innovation.  

And there’s more to come in Modibodi’s quest to create reusable, sustainable products to help people of all ages, and all life stages, stay active, confident, comfy, dry and leak-free…while reducing the amount of single-use products making their way to landfill and our oceans.  

Watch this space! 

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